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Epoxy Concrete Flooring in MA and RI

Epoxy Concrete Flooring: Beautiful and Protective

Reflector Epoxy Floor System.

A Smart Solution for Industrial Needs

Epoxy concrete flooring is not only an attractive, economical solution for large industrial floors, it is designed to meet practical needs. Non-slip, electrostatic dissipative and hermetic finishes are a few of the many choices that solve industry-specific needs.

With Boston Concrete Artisans, you'll get:

Knowledgeable guidance for your specific floor and environment

Expert application of artisan finishes including embedded graphics

Quality epoxy concrete flooring products

Efficient project management

Epoxy Floors are Perfect for Large Commercial Spaces

We can handle commercial spaces of any size and have the equipment to accomplish your project.

Your epoxy concrete flooring is attractive, easy to clean, and can be safer for your staff and guests. Some industries that benefit from epoxy floor installation:


Hair salons

Recreational facilities

Cannabis businesses

Storage facilities

Parking garages


Large retail stores

ESD Epoxy Flooring System in large industrial spaceindustrial space.
Epoxy concrete finish with embedded logo.
High school locker room non-slip epoxy floor.

You Get a Floor Fit for Purpose

Our customized epoxy floors provide style and the function your industry needs. The list of benefits is long and industry-specific needs can be met. Schedule a consultation to discuss the best designs and protection for the use of your space.

Go classic or creative with our extensive variety of epoxy floor coating designs, including:

Marbled, Flaked, Quartz and Reflective finishes

Customized stain, stencil, or marbling to create the look of luxury

Embedded graphics for a branded look

Neat epoxy system example.

"Neat" Epoxy Coating System

The Neat Epoxy Coating System is generally classified as a high-gloss, ultra-smooth, thin- to medium-build system. It is typically used for dry traffic areas where light to moderate wear and abrasion is anticipated. The Neat system is available in many different pigmented color options.

It is typically used in offices, warehouses, woodworking, or specialty shops/businesses where no wet areas are anticipated.

Nonslip broadcast epoxy system example.

Non-Slip Broadcast System

The Non-Slip Broadcast System is used in industrial flooring applications where increased abrasion resistance and or non-slip floors are required. This is a medium to high build system that is broadcasted with colored quartz, vinyl flakes, or sand. It has various options for a protective topcoat.

The Non-Slip epoxy floor system is typically used in automotive dealerships, services areas, food services, and food manufacturing plants. It is used for areas with heavy traffic or in wet, greasy, or oily environments.

Hermetic reflector epoxy floor example.

Hermetic Reflector Epoxy System

The Hermetic Reflector Epoxy System is a fluid-applied floor coating for residential, commercial, or industrial applications. It is used where a durable, long-lasting floor is required. It can also be used if an aesthetically unique and custom floor is desired.

The Hermetic Reflector system ranges in thickness from 25-50 mils, but it can vary. It is typically used in retail stores, shopping malls, showrooms, and medical facilities or where a custom floor is required to go with d├ęcor.

Urethane cement slurry in commercial kitchen.

4.8S Urethane Cement Slurry

4.8S Urethane Cement Slurry is a three-component, thermal shock resistant, urethane slurry (broadcast optional). It is an extremely durable epoxy flooring system and is available in a variety of colors. This product is engineered to be FDA, USDA, and CIFA acceptable for applications in food manufacturing, packaging, and serving facilities.

This urethane cement flooring system is engineered to withstand daily forced steam cleaning. This quality, along with its resistance to bacterial growth, makes it ideal for most food and beverage manufacturing and serving facilities. Non-slip when wet, it will withstand severe traffic exposure.

Epoxy Concrete Flooring Examples

Multi-level staircase
Inside of new two-story family room addition open to kitchen.
Front of home showing new matching picture windows and a wide inset entrance.
View from living room to kitchen in newly opened up first-floor space.
Neat Epoxy and ESD Flooring Systems, Precision X-Ray
Reflector Flooring Epoxy System, Schraffts Building
Hermetic Neat Flooring Epoxy System for Franklin Sports
Stout Flooring System for a parking garage
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