Certified Installers for Retroplate/Retroguard Polishing System

Concrete Floor Polishing in New England

A Floor That's Attractive And Easy To Maintain

Polished Concrete at Franklin Sports, MA.

Quality Concrete Floor Polishing

Whether you are a general contractor that needs a knowledgable subcontractor or a commercial property manager in need of a large-scale attractive flooring solution, you'll get expert guidance while we handle your concrete floor polishing project from start to finish on time and within your budget.

With Boston Concrete Artisans, you'll get:

Concrete floor polishing that meets your specific needs

Efficient project management

A long-lasting and low maintenance finish

Polished Concrete is Perfect for Large Commercial Spaces

We can handle commercial spaces of any size and have the equipment to accomplish your project.

Your concrete flooring can be more attractive, easier to clean, and safer for your staff and guests. Some industries that benefit from concrete floor polishing:



Box Stores

Large retail stores

Storage Facilities


Concrete Polish at Stevens Masonry in Cranston RI.
Close up of polished concrete.
Polished concrete at Voya in Braintree MA.

A Concrete Polish That Fits Your Floor

Nothing looks better than a freshly polished concrete floor in an interior commercial space. Let's make your investment last for years to come with the right shine and protection coating.

Simple grind and seal for an easy to maintain, cost-effective finish

Polish for a smooth, sanitary, long-lasting surface

Slip-resistant floors help you protect customers, tenants, and employees

Naturally attractive appearance

Level 1 cut concrete polish example.

The Level 1 Cut Polishing

The Level 1 Cut produces a cream finish on your concrete floor. It is a light cut that removes the surface paste exposing a fine aggregate near the surface of the concrete. This cut requires a floor flatness (FF) number of 50 or greater. Typically, the FF numbers are around 35.

Level 2 cut concrete polish example.

The Level 2 Cut Polishing

The Level 2 Cut produces a salt and pepper finish. It is a more aggressive cut that exposes fine aggregate in the concrete and begins to expose heavy aggregate too.

Level 3 cut concrete polish example.

The Level 3 Cut Polishing

The Level 3 Cut is the most aggressive cut that exposes the heavy aggregate in the concrete.

Concrete Floor Polishing Examples

Multi-level staircase
Inside of new two-story family room addition open to kitchen.
Front of home showing new matching picture windows and a wide inset entrance.
Concrete polishing for Clinton High School Cafeteria
Concrete polishing for Hopedale Pizza Market
Concrete polishing for Franklin Sports
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